Horses, Zebras, School, and Sponsorship

01 May

So remember how I said my goal for the week was to complete the animals, hot air balloons and outer space? Well, I think I was a little over ambitious to take on all that for the week. I was able to get a majority of the animals completed: the tiger, cheetah, camel, flamingos, all giraffes, and most of the elephant. The hot air balloons are pretty much completed, a few pieces missing here or there. And outer space is coming all really nicely. I also started on some of the fish and sailboats! The puzzle is really starting to come together!

Well, its Sunday night, and that means back to school tomorrow morning. I will try my best to work on the puzzle during the week, but school nights are always difficult since I do not have a lot of time. But this weekend I will definitely be able to spend hours on the puzzle!

Also I am very excited to announce that Moe’s Southwest Grill in Mahwah and I will be working together to promote the project! Hopefully there will be some announcements coming in the next few weeks. I am thinking the fundraiser would involve some live music for sure! We still need to work out some details but I will definitely keep you posted as I learn more information.

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