Every Piece Counts – Teaser Video

18 May

I have been hard at work for the last month on the puzzle, and although I still have a significant portion of the puzzle left, I wanted to share this time lapse video that my family and I have created. Before even starting the puzzle, my family purchased a GoPro camera that we were able to mount to the ceiling to document the puzzle process from start to finish! When the puzzle is completed, I will be releasing the full video, which will be approximately approximately 250 hours of puzzling compressed into 10 minutes of video.

If you’d like to share this video, please share this blog post or the direct link to the video:

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One response to “Every Piece Counts – Teaser Video

  1. Ella Ettinger

    June 6, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    This is truly amazing! What a wonderful young lady Kate is, to do this to help the Autism Speaks organization! You have touched my heart, & so many others!! You are making a REAL difference….One day at a time, one piece at a time!! And as you say…….EVERY PIECE COUNTS!!! Keep up your good work!! You are truly amazing!!! ~Ella


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