Featured in The Seattle Times

Kaitlin and Every Piece Counts were featured on The Seattle Times today. The article was originally published by The Record on Saturday, May 7, 2011, and was written by Allison Pries. The article was then syndicated nationally and was picked up by The Seattle times. You can read the full article on The Seattle Times or check out an excerpt from the article below. We are keeping track of all of the articles about ‘Every Piece Counts’ and have posted all of the features on the ‘In The News’ page! Be sure to check it out..

Kaitlin Reilly spends her free time a little differently than most teenagers.

Sure, she plays tennis, does volunteer work, is the treasurer of the Northern Highlands Regional High School Latin Club and a member of the National Honor Society.

But the 17-year-old junior also spends hours and hours putting together jigsaw puzzles.

With her latest puzzle she’s hoping to raise money and awareness for autism. Reilly is working on a 24,000-piece puzzle called “Life: The Great Challenge” — images of sea life, Atlantis, wild animals, sailboats, the solar system and more. It was once certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle. Reilly is listed in the “Life” puzzle’s Hall of Fame, where she currently holds the title of “Youngest in the World to Complete Solo.”

Last month, she launched Every Piece Counts — a campaign she hopes will get people to sponsor puzzle pieces for $1 so that the completed project can raise $24,000. The money will be donated to Autism Speaks, an organization that funds research for autism, increases awareness of autism spectrum disorders, and advocates for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. — The Seattle Times

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A Good Lookin’ Fish

It’s Sunday again… tomorrow starts another school week. This last week has been especially difficult to put a lot down on the puzzle due to schoolwork and the fact that I took the SATs! But, I did manage to work on it a little bit. I started working on the lighthouse, coral, and some of the fish areas.

I don’t know what this week holds, but I will definitely find some time to work on the puzzle! Hopefully I will be able to finish up the lighthouse and start the pond area!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated and is supporting me. All your support and messages are what keeps me going, so thank you!

P.S. Keep Spreading the Word!!!!!!


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Horses, Zebras, School, and Sponsorship

So remember how I said my goal for the week was to complete the animals, hot air balloons and outer space? Well, I think I was a little over ambitious to take on all that for the week. I was able to get a majority of the animals completed: the tiger, cheetah, camel, flamingos, all giraffes, and most of the elephant. The hot air balloons are pretty much completed, a few pieces missing here or there. And outer space is coming all really nicely. I also started on some of the fish and sailboats! The puzzle is really starting to come together!

Well, its Sunday night, and that means back to school tomorrow morning. I will try my best to work on the puzzle during the week, but school nights are always difficult since I do not have a lot of time. But this weekend I will definitely be able to spend hours on the puzzle!

Also I am very excited to announce that Moe’s Southwest Grill in Mahwah and I will be working together to promote the project! Hopefully there will be some announcements coming in the next few weeks. I am thinking the fundraiser would involve some live music for sure! We still need to work out some details but I will definitely keep you posted as I learn more information.

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Reaching Out

Hey everyone! I have been getting buried at school with tons of homework, papers and tests. I haven’t really had an opportunity to devote an extended amount of time to working on the puzzle this week, however, I feel like I am making some progress in other ways. I have been sending links to this project to local businesses and have even contacted my high school to let them know what I am doing. I am hoping to gain some support from the schools and businesses in the community. I am hoping to spend some time working on the puzzle this Saturday and Sunday for sure.

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Animals and Outer Space

The first week back from break ended up being a breeze since it was only four days long due to the observance of Good Friday. I was able to dedicate my entire day off on Friday and also a chunk of time this morning to working on the puzzle. I switched my focus from the hot air balloons to outer space region and the animal region. Jupiter and Saturn are almost done, just a handful of pieces missing in each – I hope they aren’t buried all the way at the bottom of the puzzle piece box! The puzzle is really starting to come together! My goal for next week is to finish the animals and complete the hot air balloons and outer space.

Thank you again for all your support! I have been getting some emails and its been great hearing your stories and support.  Please just keep spreading the word and sending this around!

Also we are trying to have 24,000 fans on our Facebook page, so lets make that happen!!

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Hot Air Balloons

Puzzle Update #1 - Hot Air Balloons

So it’s Monday and you know what that means, back to school! This Monday was especially rough since it was the first one back after Spring Break. I had a great weekend of puzzling – I put down approximately 1,000 pieces.

The donations are approaching the $1,000 mark and I couldn’t be happier! It’s great that so many people feel so strongly about donating to raise awareness for Autism. It’s also a great feeling knowing that I am keeping up with the donations!


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Thank You!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of the donations and support that has been coming in! After only starting this project a few days ago, I never thought that it would be taking off at this speed! I have been hard at work laying down approximately 400 pieces, but now I have my work cut out for me. If you haven’t done so already, please ‘Like’ Every Piece Counts on Facebook and feel free to friend us on Twitter!

Keep checking the blog for updates and photos…

…And as always, keep spreading the word

Thank you!

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