World’s Largest Puzzle

“Life, The Greatest Puzzle” is considered to be the World’s Largest Puzzle by Guinness World Records with its 24,000 pieces and spans 14ft by 5ft, or 70 sq. ft. Educa puzzles are made in Barcelona, Spain and are considered to be the best-quality puzzles available today. Their puzzles are made using the best quality boards that ensure a perfect fit between puzzle pieces without puzzle dust. This puzzle is the largest puzzle available anywhere with 24,000 pieces and has images of ocean fish and animals, Atlantis, Wild Animals, Sailboats, the Solar System and more!

Royce B. McClure is the artist and illustrator of “Life” and currently resides in New Zealand where he is a professional artist. Over the last 15 years, Royce has had over a hundred puzzles made from his artwork. During this time, Royce has received a lot of feedback from puzzlers about what makes a good puzzle: challenging, but not impossible, lots of detail but still making a satisfying overall picture when completed. Most of all they have to be fun to do.

Nearly all the art that makes up ‘LIFE: The Great Challenge’ came from other paintings that Royce has already completed. Over the years the original airbrushed acrylic works that he painted have been scanned and the various elements in them have been made into layers. These items can then be recomposed on a computer to create new compositions. Normally this is just so that artwork isn’t cropped in a clumsy way to fit a client’s needs, but recomposed to best fit a different sized product.

The paintings that together make up LIFE are shown as they were first done. Use the ‘Zoom’ function on the Life art and see if you can find how they were used in the puzzle. If you would like to learn more about the puzzle, feel free to visit the World’s Largest Puzzle website. If you wish to purchase the puzzle, please do so through the Toy & Game Warehouse website.


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